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Writing Hack – Write Daily & With Ease


This post is best for:

  • Natural Procrastinators
  • Inconsistent Writers
  • Blog Owners
  • Entrepreneurs

OK so I have figured out the best way to motivate myself, write consistently and without the overwhelm, perhaps it will help you as well.

If you are just like me, part of your daily routine is to dedicate some time to your social networks. If you are just like me, your mind comes up with 20 ideas per day and some get inspired by the information you consume as well as your client’s challenges.

How many times do you get an itch to post something work, life or business related on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin…a thought, a question, a quote?

And here lies your Golden Opportunity!
The excitement and inspiration that you feel at the moment you get the itch to post is the very same itch that can spark a great idea, conversation, a lesson, advice… or a blog post, even if that blog post is 1 simple paragraph.

Who said every blog post should be 500+ words? Watched something interesting and have an opinion? Read something that inspired you to act or react? Heard something worthy of sharing? Why not turn these opportunities into short essays or thought provoking posts that can be great for smart phones or emails.

Variety in style, media, length and topics create more interest than standardizing each blog post and creating a predictable format that ends up boring the reader to death. Be creative, why not?!

Unlike posting on Facebook to your friends who might not even be the right audience for you, your blog and your website are open windows to the World, easier to accessed by search engines and enable you to reach out to others all over the globe anytime, anywhere, to share thoughts, ideas, passions that got you inspired to make that post on social media in the first place.

Reversing the process where you post on your sites first then share with your networks gives you a more natural way to attract others to your website vs. keeping them on social networks that change their algorithms too frequently to keep up, giving you less and less control over how your posts are managed and shared.

Many of us know that Social Media has unfortunately become the biggest time thief of all times and if not policed, can consume someone’s life completely. Productivity is crucial and if you discipline yourself to write every day for few minutes in place of a break, procrastination or just to develop a habit of writing whenever you find yourself inspired, you will realize in no time that your blog will be filled with great thoughts, quotes, videos and related content…whatever you feel passionate about.

Try this for the next 14 days by writing 1-3 articles per day, no more than 500 words each on whatever topic you like and let me know how this works for you. This article you’re reading right now got inspired by reading an article on writing consistently, all I wanted to share was the realizing that lately I’ve been writing daily and “this is how it’s done” not knowing how long it will end up being.

“We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.”

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