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Startups: Quick Tips To Get You From Concept To Launch

By April 27, 2014 Business No Comments

Many people are capable of generating innovative and disruptive ideas, I hear them all the time and see too many brush off their genius as a momentary creativity assuming it will be too hard to manifest their goals or dreams into a successful venture. I can’t count how many times my industry friends and I laughed to then see someone else launch that same idea and turn it into success.

I personally am an idea machine, throw anything at me and I will come up with a minimum 3-5 concepts or how to execute on a spot, clients pay me for it but they also pay me to ensure those ideas come alive and if they’re the idea machine, they hire me to shape their enthusiasm just enough to stick to one and focus on execution. What differentiates successful entrepreneurs from others is their not so much if they can generate ideas but their obsessive focus on their original goals and prioritizing the right actions and plans to manifest those ideas into a successful business.

Bootstrapping is not only for those who are launching their business on a shoestring, some implement it as a strategy regardless of the status of their bank accounts in order to make the business lean. If finances are tight, evaluate what you must invest in, in order to develop a an initial prototype and take it to market.

The greatest brands and stories come out of car garages or basements and have become the iconic inspirations behind many who followed in their footsteps. Silicon Valley investors seek out those scrappy, lean developers to turn their talents into the next sensations. It’s not where you work from but what you work on that matters.

Every successful entrepreneur’s story references a mentor somewhere along the way. When you’re inventing something new or innovative, or when you are entering an unknown territory in respect to goals, industries, attitudes, markets, someone who has been there and done that can steer you in the right direction. There are few things that are valuable when starting a business, money is only one of them, advice and knowledge is another.

Actions help us manifest our goals. Having an action plan whether it is a lean canvas or a standard business plan allows you to have a frame of reference in order to assess if you’re moving in the right direction towards your goals. If you can’t explain it, you can’t create it and if you can’t write it down, you can’t scale it.

First impressions matter online as much as they do offline. When you want to create relationships or a community of brand loyalists, or if you want to create a revolution and change the world, people must understand who you are and if your values match theirs in order to act. Ensure your basics such as identity, business cards and a website for your personal brand is online to share your story and a mission.

If the efforts to achieve small goals is the same as achieving big ones, aim high and dream big. Why not? Create a support system that can help you reach your goals and push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you’re not scared shitless while pursuing a goal, that goal is not big enough and you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Fear for many entrepreneurs is their indicator of moving in the right direction, entering unknown territory and manifesting new reality. Be hungry, be scared! Push yourself anyways.

When people read success stories they don’t focus on what it took to achieve that success, they get lost in the romance and fantasy of living similar reality not the ups and downs of the road to get there. Successful or serial entrepreneurs study human excellence, they care about the journey and many are addicted to the excitement that comes from launching a startup. They love the thrill, prepare to fight for it, and when they set their mind on a goal, they make sure to never give up too soon. Majority of successful entrepreneurs “show up”, persevere and are realistic about when to stay and when to walk away.

9. Use Technology