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What’s Included:
• Pathfinder Planning Worksheet (DIY)
• Consultation Included

Before you embark on developing your idea or launching a startup, let’s make sure it aligns with your passions, personal goals, character and your deepest desires. Launching a business can be very rewarding if you make sure to invest everything you’ve got into something that keeps you up at night for the right reasons.

As your digital partner I’d like to assist you in this transformative process as getting your mindset in the right direction is the key to your success to turn your ideas into reality. Without understanding your deepest drives and motivations, you will not have the clarity necessary to launch your idea online and actually make it a success. The Worksheet comprises of questions that will help you discover your passions, motivations and goals, to ensure you are building something that will create meaning in your life.

Because you are downloading a document, there will be no refunds provided. Upon completing the worksheet please email it to book a time for our consultation session


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