Video Conference


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Product Description

Who is this for?

• Innovators & Founders
• Entrepreneurs & CEOs
• Internet Pros
• Managers, Account Directors
• Creatives
• Investors

What areas of expertise are covered?

• Strategy
• Branding
• Design
• Content
• Marketing
• Technology

What consulting services are available

• Reviews
• Coaching
• Strategy Analysis
• Product Evaluations
• Recommendations
• Business Advice

Stuck or unsure where to start with your project?

Let’s Video Conference! Do you have a hard time maintaining objectivity and clarity about your goals, direction, problems, possible solutions and how to invest your money in online services.

The biggest advantage of hiring an outside consultant is the fact that they are free of bias, emotional attachments or the overwhelm from internal noise, needs and regulations that are sometimes necessary but tend to zap energy, lock up creativity and cloud clarity.

Book video consultation to instantly get unstuck! I will help you move forward to define innovative solutions to your branding, user experience, content or engagement problems.

Consultation fee: $240

What outcomes to expect?

• Video Conference (Google Hangout, Skype, Webex or other)
• Video Summary (sent in email) or Video recording
• General Recommendations / Next Steps

What’s Next?

Upon payment I will contact you promptly to schedule a call and video conference. Unless you have an RFP you’d like to forward for review, you will receive a quick survey to help me familiarize myself with your company and needs.