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People: Deepak Chopra- Lecture On “The Future Of Well-Being”

Consciousness & Well-Being

Keynotes I  jotted down from the Deepak Chopra Lecture focused on Yoga practice:


Yoga – Union with self.

Yoga is the progressive journey to consciousness.

The self that is YOU is also the self of the Universe.

Favorite: Nothing is responsible for everything, if there weren’t consciousness, there wouldn’t be a Universe.

There’s existence & awareness of existence.

Something unknown makes something we don’t know about.

We have no idea what is the biological nature of consciousness.

All of science is based on experience.

Yoga is the emerging science that will solve the problems of fragmented science.

Biology is a projection of consciousness.

Consciousness gives birth to everything that we call reality.

We are a non-local field of possibilities.

SIFT: sensations, images, feelings, thoughts = Experiences = Reality

We are not in the World, the World is in us.

Experience is a projection of our consciousness (think: reality is just a perception)

DNA- if you thought about an alphabet…DNA is the alphabet of life; Gene is a word and Body is the Book. The real question is: Who is the writer of the book? – YOU!

God is not impossible to find, god is impossible to avoid ( God = energy that governs all matter in the entire Universe)

My favorite: ” If you allow memories to use you…you are a victim; If you use memories, you’re a creator) ” Look up SBTI – Self Directed Biological Transformation Initiatives

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