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New Year Resolutions – Focus + Actions = Success

By December 27, 2013 Life Hacks No Comments

Statistically speaking January 15th is the cut off point for New Year’s Resolutions which means, most people who have set new resolutions have already broken them or will by that time.

Set your resolutions early, why not practice to get a mental, physical, biz or life routine going before January 1st . Adjust it to push yourself yet be realistic to succeed so when the new year hits you’re in the right mindset already not just getting your bearings.

For anything in life to stick, it has to become a ritual and practiced daily until it becomes part of who we are. We all are creatures of habit, use that to your advantage. This goes for the way we think, feel, perceive reality… what we do and say.

If in the past you’ve created long lists but failed to stick to anything on them, switch it up, try to set your mind on only 1 thing, achieve it then switch to another goal. Keep it simple.

Most successful people succeed by setting their mind on getting somewhere, deconstructing the steps, giving their full focus to act on those steps and not giving up until they achieve it. That’s it.

Let 2014 be THE YEAR for all of us who have the desire to change the World and make it a better place. Transformation starts with one, it starts within and it starts Now.

Focus + Actions = Success

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