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Mind & Body: Change Your Life One Mantra At A Time

Businessinsider.com has written an article about the power of mantras in our lives to help us overcome whatever habits that hold us back or act upon what we wish was already part of our routine (like getting a pet or running each morning). Great article about the power of mind over matter, changing our behaviors



• [email protected] ← to my ex-wife, who started it all.

• [email protected] ← it worked.

• [email protected] ← it worked.

• [email protected] ← it never worked, still fat.

• [email protected] ← it worked.

• [email protected] ← it worked. I fell in love again.

• [email protected] ← it worked. I feel better.

• [email protected]! ← it worked. I have a beautiful cat.

• [email protected] ← it worked. I talk with my mom every week.

But the one from last month is the most momentous:

• [email protected] ← Yep. Life is gonna change again, soon

• [email protected] ← because you save money when you brown bag it

• [email protected] ← because she wants to hear from you, too

• [email protected] ← because you don’t need the distraction

• [email protected] ← because your novel isn’t going to write itself 



 Some people look for signs, supernatural powers, wish upon a star…those who are serious about changing their lives simply ACT, one small mantra at a time.


Got your own mantras you want to share? Use the comment box below. Photo: curtesy of: fasttracktohealth.net

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