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By October 27, 2015 Community No Comments
” Are leaders born or are they made? It’s the age old question.
We won’t argue which side wins, but we all must agree that made or born, it starts from within. A drive to make a difference to those around you. A simple idea that many people just don’t get.

The position of ‘leader’ is ¬†one of the most powerful positions a person can have.

What motivates the lead? For some people it is about charisma, for others, its thoughts, heroism, talent or these days, a gift of being a stellar communicator.

Regardless, the thing all the greatest leaders have in common is, conviction.

They can lead for good or for evil, but they convince their followers through doing something that they are willing to die for… metaphorically or literally.” ~ GapingvoidArt.com

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