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Inspire Brand Preference & Positive Behavior Change With Products & Solutions
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Implement Smart & Proven Strategies To Build Your Dream Reality

Dream Big. Give A Damn!
By Cultivating " We Economy"

Maximize Value For All. Together We Are Making A Difference.

Find Greater Purpose By
Giving & Investing In Others

Launch Purpose-Rich Enterprises & Share Valuable Social Solutions
That Change The World One Person At a Time

Passion. Integrity. Sustainability Are The Difference. Set Yourself Apart

Successful Leaders & Mentors Manifest Reality Change By Inspiring Others
To Act Upon Sustainable Ideas & Value-Rich Goals

Transform Your Community
Through Social Entrepreneurship

Freedom + Opportunity = Responsibility
Community + Impact + Change = Legacy


Attract Visionaries

Share passionate stories to inspire others to act. Reality changers are tireless visionaries & innovators. Instantly captivate their attention by sharing ideas that ignite curiosity & spark emotional connection.

Unify Convictions

Empower engagement by aligning people’s beliefs & values with action. Bold concepts & ideas require community support to spread like wildfire to make an impact. Those ideas that persist, hit us at our core.

Inspire Movement

Transform curiosity into active determination so others become your brand ambassadors, cause advocates & loyal customers. It only takes 1 person to start a revolution. Infuse brand’s values into products to inspire an uprise.

Champion Change

Become THE change agent by disrupting beliefs or behaviors on a global scale, thus shaping reality.  Lead with innovative concepts that matter, transform ideologies, nurture preference & empower action.


Tips & Lessons Learned from Startup Founders

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Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the World…Are the ones who do.

~ Steve Jobs

Great Reads For Startups

"Marzena is a forward thinking, cause-minded marketing professional. She's an expert at developing initiatives for brands that simultaneously create monetary returns and support social causes."

− Rudy Camacho Jr., Chief Marketing Officer at Arochi & Lindner

"Marzena is a remarkable individual with a great work ethic. Not only did she create a state of the art website for our start up, but she did so in a very short amount of time. She is an enthusiastic volunteer with a heart for the underprivileged, melding both the skills of a seasoned entrepreneur with the vision of a true philanthropist. Highly recommended for any web-based or non-profit venture."

− Benjamin Kohlmann, Speechwriter to the Commander, US Fleet Forces Command

"Marzena and her team designed a fantastic flash animation for Stagester. Marzena demonstrated great business savvy and ability to tie the design to our business concept."

− Magnus Berggren, Entrepreneur, Saga HealthCare

"Marzena has amazing focus and attention to detail. She is right on target with the digital world and can put together a marketing system for you on the web that is much more than what we are used to seeing on the web. She has teams that work with her from around the globe."

− Eric Imbuelten, MBA. PFP. RTRP, Financial Strategies, Inc.

"Marzena has passion for what she does and that sets her apart from everyone else in the web programming and design world. She truly takes to heart your concerns and has a magical way of always keeping you in the back of her mind. She has consulted me on many occasions and has shown she is an honest and caring person. I would highly recommend Marzena and know we'll work again in the future."

− David Tal, Co-Founder, Incubate LLC

"Marzena is one of those types of people who have super creative energy and just a pleasure to work with. She was open to hearing different ideas and was able to translate the business strategies into quite amazing interactive solutions."

− Robert Budnik, Director of Creative Services, Academy

"I met Marzena in the midst of a huge pitch to Swiss Army. We needed an Art Director who understood interactive design and who had unique ideas. This pitch was a defining moment for the agency - we had to win. Her deliverables exceed expectations and she proved to be an indefatigable worker. I have hired her many times since and highly recommend her work and approach."

− Rob Grant, Co-Founder, EVP, eVariant

"I had the privilege of working with Marzena on one of the major projects at that time at MM. Not only is she talented in her craft, but I have also seen her honed a broad range of other useful skills that go into making killer web sites. It'll be a pleasure to work with her again."

− Cherry Tun-Smith, Co-Founder, VP Business Solutions, Clarion Partners